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Wisdom CAPLS Office
​Yasuhiro Matsumoto

What is CAPLS?

CAPLS is the national license based on `Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Act.'

In this act , Article 1 reads 'The purpose of this Act is to provide for a system for Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists and to ensure the proper handling of affairs, so as to contribute to the smooth implementation of administrative procedures, as well as contribute to convenience for the public.'

We are here to facilitate the procedure between you and Japanese administrative agencies. 

I am registered at ISA so that I can take care of applications and procedures for you.

Also if you are not sure about any other administrative procedure, please contact me.

Let`s see if I could assist you in anyway.

※ There are certain matters which CAPLS can not help, such as  legal dispute, tax advice, things regarding health insurance, etc.  Those matters are handled solely by other licensed professionals.

Still I can suggest you what kind of professional help you need. 

Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Japan

Yamaguchi CAPLS Association  

​Registration# 21350426 

Insurance Agent



Application for

issuance of COE

change of status of residence

extension of period of stay

permission to acquire status of residence

work permit


Signing a Contract

Inheritance of
foreign citizens


Assistance in marketing, researching,


Collecting many kinds of legal documents,

vital records

Smiling Handshake

Establishing Corporation

Obtaining permit for certain type of business

Many kinds of administrative procedure

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